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Gurukula Public School is an English Medium School, committed to adhere comprehensively to CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION (CBSE), guided by NCERT, in the educational curriculum and assessments of the students from GRADE I to 10.

Children from Class I to X will be assessed through three periodic assessments and an annual examination. Apart from this students Notebook submission, projects and classroom performance will be assessed through various tools and parameters


  • During these tender years, the children are supported and observed constantly

  • Assessment reports are based on observations, personal interactions with every child

  • The teacher-student ratio is 3:25 which ensures that every child is attended personally.

  • Constant feedback is given to parents to help monitor the growth of the child as an individual.

Thirst for Quest

Junior Grades 1-4


  •  We aim to provide bountiful platforms to build children the basic skills

  • Communicate to build a basic vocabulary along with listening and speaking skills

  • Analyse to understand the concepts of numbers and skills to apply

Middle Grades 5-8


  • Activity based teaching for master concepts

  • Projects to apply knowledge and publish manuscripts.

  • Make confident, connected and handle unknown situations

Senior Grades 9-10


  • Children solve problems

  • Providing variety of higher order concepts among children

  • Giving assignment, project, creative tasks and develop leadership.

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