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Our School

Gurukula Public School is an initiative of the Bhandya Educational Trust towards providing a centre for learning that combines the best of traditional Indian schooling and modern teaching techniques. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, and has been imparting quality education since its establishment in 2006.

Gurukula Public School is set in a green campus of 30-acres, just 5 kms from Kundapur. The school’s vision is to impart academic learning through creative methods and an environment conducive for learning. The school aims to develop its students into academically sound, morally correct and culturally aware human beings; a responsibility that it owes to the society.

Under the support and encouragement of Chairman Shri. B. Appanna Hegde, Joint Managing Trustees Shri. Subhaschandra Shetty and Smt. Anupama S. Shetty, the school administration is taken care of by the Principal and a team of dedicated coordinators. They are ably supported in their work by a capable and dedicated faculty.


Message from Management

Education is the movement from darkness to light

Gurukula Public School was established with significant vision of humanity, Social service and creates finer place for Knowledge. The institution’s motto was to access quality education and all round development in the youths.

The destiny of India is being shaped in its classroom. The high standard infrastructures endorse the intelligence of a student, develops his/her skills and enables them to be industrious.

We are happy with the growth, performance and achievements of the institution over a decade, we are proud to announce to step into the 11th year and all this is the result of mutual co-operation and valuable suggestions by the trustees, parents, heads of the institution and active participation of the students.


Principal’s Message

The Indian Author Joddu Krishnamurthy said “The function of education is to help you from childhood not to imitate anybody, but be yourself all the time”.

Education means learning to think for yourself, learning to make and repair friendships, learning to see other people’s point of view, learning not to be frightened of uncertainty or difficulty , learning how to live in society, learning how to be a good citizen, learning how to be self rehant. 

Dear students life is like a large price of marble and you are the sculptor. The mind, will and skill of a sculpture decide the shape of this marble. Like wise, your mind, will and skill will help shape your life. Do not allow circumstances to restrict your dreams hearing does not end when one leaves school. We must all strive to improve and excel, no matter what path way we are going to take with the advantage of having your education in Gurukula, coupled with hard work , positive attitude and knowledge, your dreams will take you as far as you can image. Do not look for opportunities that hide behind adversities, as there is always another way of looking forward.

Wish you all the best


Mohan K – M.A., B.Ed.


The vision of GURUKULA public school is to render WORLD CLASS QUALITY EDUCATION in school learning with innovative techniques driven by social sensitivity and latest teaching methodology. With the team of expert teachers and all the necessary infrastructures needed to maintain high standard, we stand one among the best schools in qualitative education and inputs from personality development to suit ever changing needs in the industry and society.


GURUKULA PUBLIC SCHOOL is committed to the mission by catalyzing the quality of school education which is not only to cater students as academic braines but to prepare them to the future society as bold and confident citizens with good moral values in their personality
to meet the social challenges and cultural systems in which they have to operate themselves as competitive and successful individuals.

Our Belief

We believe that the school education is the most basic and fruitful stage where a child’s personality is been shaped into a moral being with wide and diverse educational background and practical experiences. The broad minded, dedicated faculty with the commitment at GURUKULA will serve the needs of students with the lookout for the latest development in education at GLOBAL LEVEL.

We also believe that innovation is the key to progress in the modern world and therefore our curriculum will always have newer areas of development to serve the purpose of life with the best education.


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